Skate something new!

The stairs are tall not long and go right into a parking lot so do not skate them until after five as they are in front of a bank so until five you'll get kicked quick. ...

oversized 6 stairs with (capped) hubba.

Basically a Gap over some dirt into a little street

Narrow as fuck landing. because the doorway type thing. big set gets about 40 feet of run though. smooth land and run fun spot but te first time you try it will be a l...

sick handrail gap in west chester ohio

This planter is a weird kickout it all depends on campus security so I can' tell you a specific time frame other than sometimes up to 30 minutes. planter is about 1.5 f...

steep banks lots of coverage lately see dennis b's part in roll forever be prepared for the hood

mellow upledge with angle iron

bank parking lot

It's a flat gap about 5 to 10 feet in lengh not sure about the exact lengh though.