Skate something new!

in this parking garage is a fun little loading dock. It's not that tall so you can grind it. But really you'll get kicked out very quickly.

This is a prity steep hill where i marked it but as you get to the supermarket it levels out.

this spot is the illest. i'll give you the run down then you can get off yo ass and skate. You start out with a straight ledge that's maybe like, a foot high. Then it...

The spot is clean smooth run and landing lots of landing but a little short on run (15ft) really fun spot with the dock being about 4 ft high.kickout is guaranteed to b...

This retainer wall is the perfect ledge about 2 ft at its highest and 8 inches at its lowest its tirty feet long has smooth ground all around and you never get the boot....

a ledge, a loading dock, a few stairs, and a huge parking lot

This set is a good size. over 75 ft of run. All smooth ground even the landing best skated during the week since it'll be empty then rather than sundays when its full.

2 pyramids. Some stairs. Some chunky ledges.

Gap to flat handrail. Metal Coping ledges. an up rail thing off a loading dock

Fun smooth little stairs short so you can hop up on them and then just use them as a manual pad. otherwise you'll get kicked out pretty quick no matter what.