Skate something new!

Great stair set at koin laundry the'll kick you out quick but the stairs are a great drop slightly downhill which gives you enough speed to sail over the set.

A Church-based program called Atmosphere, but more commonly referred to as "Skate Church". Open every Tuesday from 4-8:30pm. Helmets required. Pretty fun actually. Ther...

small hand rail

3 stair, half pipe, two bowls, T-Gap, big bowl, Small Spine, big Spine, drop, hubba, banks, q-pipe, pyramid, 6 -set, 4 set, 2 2 sets, wooden plastic bench, kinked flat g...

5 ft drop from this concrete spot. theres no bust after 7 but it got lights so youll be fine

3 stair with a sidewalk gap to street, no lights at night,no bust after 3 when the office closes

this is a chill spot to start up the session, its a chill 5 ft long gap, theres no bust after 5, its not really lit at night

5 ft high loading dock with hell smooth surface run up. the lights are good but the gates close at this place at about 10 at night. you might get away with 20 here

Small little ledge.

Las palmas is the shit they've got a salsa bars with 32 different salsas then they have stairs out front that are en fuego. Go out there and light that shit up.