Skate something new!

Nice 8 step

it's a gap about the size of an extended two stair but you can ollie one of the bushes for a little extra challenge. i know the people that live there so i guess it wou...

its a grass gap about 4 ft long

It's at a police station, it's not usually a bust though. Ollie out to grind the ledge. Plenty of run up and roll away

parking lot gap

Benches, Manny Pads, Street Gap

decent sized 6 set. its got good run up and perfect landing. theres no security in this area so your golden

Sweet spot by the hospital, several ledges and a nice 8 stair. Watch out for security.

This rail will kill you but the stairs are fun just have a good time and avoid getting hit by a car. because the rail will shoot you into the street

Three steps to grind/slide on.