Skate something new!

bank to ledge location, bank to manny. mid shin high ledge. no bust factor, no lights

Steep 8 stair, rails aren't skateable. Can't skate during school hours, other then that whenever works.

The UMKC law school has a loading dock that is great to skate you'll probably get kicked out but its always worth it. security is a bitch.

They recently placed a fence on the ramp, so you can't really fly out in the street anymore. But it's still a fun spot. Little ledge, fatty to flatty and/or bank you can...

Just a manny pad really, prob like 40 ft long. Will never get kicked out unless during school and even then prob not. I grew up skating this little spot. Its still fun.


Terribly short amount of run up, rough landing, hard to stick your trick. But it's worth it. Ollie off of the drop and over a sidewalk (and a few potholes) to collect ...

manuel pad in between dumpsters

8 stair handrail. regular its bs and goofy fs. i think its knobbed. not too much though. bring a saw after you land there's a curb.

Garage Ledges Super buttery and low. At the bottom of the parking garage.