Skate something new!

Ollie up some small steps and than pick your height to fly off.

Skate this one on your lunch break! If you work downtown, that is. Lots of run up and super smooth downhill landing. Chicks like this street. haha. Usually a bust though...

You've got much more than a hundred feet of the smoothest run to hit this stair. The rail is maybe hip high and has a great angle. good spot not much of a kickout either.

2 stair to flat rail. BS for regulars. fs for goofy's. good run-up and landing.

it's a wall on the side of the building and like it's a skecthy area to skate b/c it localed in a really ghetto area of downtown and it's really scary to skate it at nig...

super waxed up marble ledge thats chiling at mid shin height. run up goes a lil down hill to pick up speed. theres no bust after 2. before that you might get a ticket

Square 10 Stair Rail

Spacious concrete bowl with rounded "coping", 5' miniramp/rail box, one straight rail, one curved rail, one kinked rail. Free for everyone, just bring a helmet in case t...

Dual concrete banks with some transitions and gaps.

A 12 set with a lot of run up and landing. Self-explanatory